Top 3 Marketing Ideas For Landscape Photography

marketing for landscape photographyIf you’re a landscape or fine-art photographer you’ll know the struggles of building a successful business are much different to those that the more traditional photography business go through, like wedding or portrait photographers.

Your goal is to sell a physical product in the form of some type of print, while other photographers sell the service of professional photography.

You’re extremely passionate about your work, but it often seems hard to use marketing methods of traditional photography businesses to sell your prints…

So here’s some marketing ideas for landscape photography to inject your business with the stuff it needs to surge ahead… 

Landscape Photography Tip #1

Past Clients Are Like Gold

If you’re constantly searching for new customers who are interested in your work, then you’re doing the hardest and most expensive thing possible…

Get details of past clients, such as name and email so you can keep in touch with them. You already know they love your work and are have already done the hardest thing (which is making the first purchase), so they’re more likely that anyone else to want to buy again.

People love to collect things, and collecting prints of their favorite photographer is a way to do that.

Tip #2

Make Your Prints Limited

It’s no good having an unlimited number of prints available because when an interested prospects is right on the verge of buying, if there’s nothing to tip them over the edge, then you’ll get the dreaded “I’ll think about it” statement and probably never hear from them again!

Use scarcity to tip them over that imaginary ‘edge’. If your prints are limited to just 3 or so, and at that point of burning desire you throw in, “oh, that’s the last of the 3″, that’ll almost certainly be enough to get them to make the decision right away…

They know a few things here that cause this buying reaction…

  1. Others have loved the print enough to buy it, which displays that they’re not alone in their decision, AND makes them conclude that it’s a good decision
  2. They know that coming back later isn’t an option because it’ll probably be gone
  3. They are afraid that they’ll miss out on something they feel is theirs

Tip #3

Give It To Em’

This could sound bizarre and I don’t blame you if you don’t want to try it… but it really works…

If you can feel the sale is almost made, offer to give them the print for the weekend.

Take some sort of insurance, like a cash deposit or their credit card details which you won’t bill until they decide they want to go ahead, as well as a signed document as proof that they’ve got it…

Explain that the deposit is fully refundable if they decide it wasn’t for them, and that you just want them to see how beautiful it will look in their home before making their decision.

BMW and some other car manufacturers do this with their cars because they know that most people will love it so much that they won’t be able to give it back… and the same is true with your prints.

Their family and friends will compliment them… they’ll pick out a special spot on the wall for it, and they’ll get that feeling of ownership that prevents them from being able to give it back.

It’s extremely hard to give something back that you already feel you have ownership of. It’s like you’re losing something.

PLUS, making them this offer will seem like a gift, so it induces the law of reciprocity…

This is basically the feeling you get when you get a birthday present from someone and instantly feel like you owe them something of around the same value to make things ‘even’.

This technique almost NEVER fails, and will boost your prospect to customer rates up tremendously.

Keep In Mind

These tips will certainly help give your business that boost it deserves, and keep in mind that great marketing ideas are great, no matter if you’re a wedding photographer, or a fine art / landscape photographer. The marketing ideas don’t need to be different, but because every business is different the ideas require a little tweaking.

That’s why I’ve created my Rich Photographer System that’s helped countless photographers inject over 100 techniques into their businesses to create the success their work deserves, no matter what type of photography they specialize in. Go grab it now, risk free Here

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