Universal Marketing Strategies For Photographers

marketing strategies for photographersI often get asked questions from photographers such as…

“Will XYZ strategy work for this type of photography?”

“Can I use XYZ strategy in my city?”

And a range of similar questions regarding whether any of the marketing strategies I teach will work in their particular situation…

Universal Marketing Strategies

The answer is usually always ‘Yes’, because great marketing methods are always going to be great marketing methods. Sure, you need to tweak and tailor them to correctly fit your situation, but the principals are the same. 

This is exactly why I look to a huge number of industries for marketing methods that are working…

Because I know that if something is working for a car detailer in California, then I can tweak that idea to work for photographers around the world… It’s important to monitor other industries because that’s where some of the best ideas will come from.

If you only focus all your attention in your own industry, then you’ll be falling prey to ‘copycat marketing’, which means that you’re doing exactly what everyone else is doing… Even if it was a great idea, it won’t be very useful once half the photographers in the city are using it!

A Story of a Churro

My partner Melissa, knows the man who bought ‘Churros’ to Australia. If you don’t know what churros are, that’s actually them pictured above. They’re basically a type of sweet pastry, almost like a donut, but shaped like a stick. They’re delicious!…

He was a successful engineer visiting Disneyland in America with his family and saw a huge line out the front of the churro stand, so decided to try one. He eventually got his churro and tried it, and instantly knew that he had to bring these to the Australian market.

He somehow acquired the rights for churros in Australia (how the heck do you get the rights to a pastry?), and now he’s a very wealthy man!

Imagine what his friends must have thought when they heard he was quitting his high paying engineering job to sell pastries!

Start Paying Attention To Other Businesses!

So start to pay attention to what other small businesses are doing.

Does the local dry cleaner have a promotion that is bringing in boat loads of new clients?

Does the bakery have a slogan that’s causing everyone to take notice?

Does the fish monger have an incredible guarantee that nobody can believe that is bringing him more customers than he can handle?

Well, copy them!

Take those ideas and re-work them so they fit your photography business. Test them out and see what the results are like!

It’s almost impossible to come up with an unlimited number of new ideas on your own. It’s tough work coming up with a great offer, brilliant guarantee, genius call to action, and a jaw-dropping headlines on your own. So copy other businesses who have already figured out what works!

Work The Numbers…

I’m by no means saying that every single strategy you try will work out perfectly. Some may fall flat… but who cares? At least you’ll know it didn’t work so you can move on to the next thing. Eventually you’ll strike gold and start to find winning strategies that do work miracles in the photography industry.

So get out there, fail a few times, and get ready to win big!

In the comments section below, let me know of examples of ideas from other industries working well!

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