How To Make A Photography Logo

how to make a photography logoGetting a nice logo made is typically the first thing photographers do when they decide to go into business. They spend weeks creating it, and sometimes thousands of dollars to have the perfect logo created.

I’m here to tell you that that’s the exact opposite of what you should be doing when starting out a photography business… or any type of business for that matter!

The reason it’s so common is because all companies have logos, and the bigger companies are known specifically for their logos, like McDonalds, Coca-Cola or Apple. Their logos are instantly identifiable, and often create some sort of positive emotion in viewers.

So Why Not Focus On Beautiful Logo Right Away?

Well, when you’re starting out, you should be doing something called “boot-strapping”. This term means that you spend money to make money… then that money you make goes right back into the business in the hope that you’ll make more. This will help your business to grow more quickly at the start… 

And if you consider how much profits a fancy logo will bring in initially… the answer is NONE!

Logos are create for brand awareness, and you’ll have none of that in the beginning, so there’s no point focusing your time and money on it!

Instead, create a great offer that bring in new clients, a powerful guarantee and some great customer service habits!

But I Need A Logo Eventually… Right?

Yes, this is correct. Wait until you’re making a little money and then find something that suits your business name.

I never recommend having a logo done by an expensive graphic designer, because it will almost never be a smart investment because of the huge costs…

Instead, use a service like that from

There’s a section on the site called the ‘Logo Design Store‘ where you can go through and select from hundreds of generic logos that all look great! You can even type ‘photographer’ into the search box at the top and it’ll show you a range of photography specific logos.

You can buy them for just $99 and get delivery of the files within minutes.

These logos are very good and are just the way I like them. I hate those ‘over the top’ logos that draw attention away from the main marketing message. When this happens it actually lowers response rates!… so please, keep it simple!

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