Facebook Marketing For Photographers

facebook marketing for photographers These days, the first ‘client-getting’ tactic almost every new photographer goes for is setting up a Facebook page, and that’s mostly due to the fact that it’s free, and doesn’t take much time.

Their page usually starts out with an introductory post, followed by a series of their favorite photos over the coming days, and some promotions, and then fizzles out to a post once a week because it didn’t go as well as planned.

It typically doesn’t do much to build their following, or their client base, other than a few friends asking for ‘mates-rates’.

So here’s a few simple ideas to get new fans and turning those fans into paying clients… 

Facebook Marketing Tips for Photographers

  1. Engage With Your Fans!

    Don’t talk AT your followers, talk to them!

    Ask them questions, ask for feedback on photos, ask for their opinions on anything.

    Facebook has this ‘edge-rank’ thing these days, and if a lot of your fans are liking, commenting, or sharing your posts, then Facebook will actually stop showing your posts to a lot of your fans. It sucks, but it’s something Facebook had to do since a lot of people ‘like’ hundreds, or thousands of pages, so would be getting bombarded with posts… Plus, it allows Facebook to charge you money to show your posts to more people (another way for FB to make money).

  2. Post Relevant Photos

    I know, you’re really proud of your super-arty shots, but if you’re trying to get more wedding photography jobs, then post photos from weddings that you’ve worked on… not long exposure shots you took of the traffic around a lake a sunset. You can post those photos occasionally, but it’s best to stay on topic if you have a specific goal. Think about what your target market would like to see, and show it to them

  3. Include Contact Details

    There’s a little box titled ‘About’ on your Facebook page where you can write whatever you like…

    Pick something that encourages your visitors to get in touch with you… or even better, send them somewhere they can leave their name and email address in exchange for your report, testimonial book, or downloadable portfolio. This allows you to keep in touch with them and will certainly boost your client numbers within just a few weeks.

  4. Use the ‘Pin to Top’ Function

    If you hover your mouse over any of your posts and click the pencil, you’ll see the option to ‘pin to top’ which locks that post in at the very top spot, so that anyone coming to your page will see that post right up the top. This should be some sort of offer, like the “enter your email to get my downloadable portfolio”. Anything that entices them to take action.

    It can even be a testimonial that one of your past clients has left for you on your wall!

  5. Block Negative Nancy’s

    No matter what you do, there will always be negative people who come on your page and try to upset you, or just be a pain.

    Don’t waste your time trying to argue with them, or trying to prove yourself to them. You are the owner of the page and you have the power to delete any of their posts, and ban them from ever posting again.

    Just hover over their post and click the ‘x’ – Facebook will then give you options of banning the person and deleting their post.

    Replying to these people will just encourage them to be more rude and offensive. Don’t let their negativity get to you!

  6. ASK for ‘Shares’

    When a fan shares any of your posts or photo uploads, that post shows up on their own fall for all their friends to see. When all their friends see that you do beautiful work, they are likely to also ‘like’ your page and become a fan.

    Getting a lot of ‘Shares’ on your posts means that these posts can go viral and bring in a large number of new fans, and potential new clients.

    The very best way to get a lot of shares, is simply to ASK for them!

    When you post a photo, include a sentence that says something like “Share this photo if it brought a smile to your face”, or “Share this photo if you love a beautiful sunset”, or even “Share this photo because it will really help me out :)”

    If you post a new photo once per day asking for shares, over time your fan base will grow naturally. It might be slow at first, but your page will grow at an increasing rate.

  7. Make Promotions Exclusive to Facebook Fans

    Everyone likes to feel special… to feel like they’re part of an exclusive insider group. So give fans that opportunity by having promotions that are only available to fans…

    Things like “mention this fan page for a free canvas print”

    It’ll increase your sales, and make your clients feel like they got something that not just anybody could get.

  8. Keep It Regular

    The chances of someone liking your page if you haven’t even updated it in 2 weeks are slim. People want, great, fresh content, and a page that feels like its own little community.

    Post updates at least once per day, whether it’s a photo, an update about something you’ve done, or just an inspirational message that you came across. Keeping it fresh will keep fans coming back all the time, increase the relationship you have with them, as well as boosting trust… which means, more clients for you!

Use these tips to help grow your Facebook photography marketing efforts. They’ve been tested, and proven to have great results if used consistently!

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