2 Simple Ideas To Get More Photography Clients

photography client ideasI get the same basic question over and over again in my email inbox, so I thought I’d address it in a quick article.

The question goes a little something like this…

“I find the photography stuff easy, but can’t seem to get enough clients. The clients I do get love my work, but I just can’t find enough to turn this into a successful business. What can I do to get more photography clients?”

If only it were as simple as doing one or two things to turn a struggling photography business into a highly profitable one. BUT a few good strategies can certainly make a huge difference!

Here’s a couple of ideas that’ll make a difference in your business… 

Operation ‘Get Photography Clients‘ Idea #1

Get Loads More Testimonials

You may already have a few that you’ve been given from happy clients, but I’m not talking about a few…

Aim to get a testimonial from EVERY SINGLE CLIENT you work with!

You can never have too many testimonials. If you had a document with 1000 testimonials, you should still keep adding to it.

Sure, you won’t be able to use all of them in your advertising, but the more you have, the more ‘amazing’ ones you’ll have. PLUS you can create a testimonial book, which is basically an entire book filled with testimonials from clients… imagine how impressive it is when you hand prospective clients a book FULL of them… dozens or even hundreds!

Vary you testimonials if possible…

Try to get them for different aspects of your business. For example, one for how great the results were, one for how friendly you are, another for how great your direction was and so on. It’s better to have variety than having 50 testimonials all saying that the results were good because different people will care about different things… so cater to as many people as possible.

Operation ‘Get Photography Clients’ Idea #2

Get Ranked Highly In Google

Getting ranked highly in Google so that your website shows up in the top spot when prospects search for a photographer in your local area isn’t that difficult.

It can take a little time, but once you’re there you’ll be rewarded with a steady stream of targeted prospects.

You should aim to get ranked for phrases like “[your city] wedding photography” or “[your city] pet photography”, so that when people in your city search for the type of photography you do, your site will show up at the top and they’ll see what you have to offer.

I won’t get fully into the detail of how to rank highly in Google because this post could go on for days and I’ve already covered this in a previous post.

Remember, there’s no point having a site if nobody sees it! So focus on optimizing it for the search engines rather than using pretty Flash animations that the search engines can’t even see.

Use This Stuff!

These are just a couple of strategies that have been proven to work… but only if you actually use them!

If you want a full system that can take you the whole way to creating the successful photography business you deserve, then I urge you to check out my Rich Photographer System.

Leave a comment below to let us know how these strategies are working for you, or if you’ll take action and use them in your photography business!

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